Garage Door Broke – What Now?

Garage Door Broke – What now?

As I walked out of the house today I was already twenty minutes late.  It was one of those days where the kids weren’t cooperating, they couldn’t decide what they wanted for lunch and one of them couldn’t find their shoes.   As we rush out the door, heading to school, I hit the garage door opener and “SNAP” the spring breaks.  I then spent the next ten minutes figuring out how to prop it open long enough to get the car out and on the road.

Just like my garage door many brokerage agencies today have current eApp platforms that have snapped.  They are being held together with tape and propped up by sticks with a little bit of bubble gum.   Okay, maybe that’s an over exaggeration but that’s what many of your producers are feeling.

In reality it may have little to do with actual software but more to do with the agency and how its supports these tools.  We’ve all heard our mom at one point in our life say “if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right”.   Over my career I’ve had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of brokerage agencies -  some small and some very large.   The problem I’ve seen with most, no matter what their size, they want to be everything to everyone.  This causes strains on resources and only the squeakiest wheels gets the grease. Let’s face it, typically that wheel isn’t your eApp process that’s squealing the loudest.

When agencies don’t devote a certain amount of time and commitment to platforms they never fully realize the benefits, and believe me the benefits of an eApp process are a plenty!  This commitment comes from the top down.  The principal of the agency has to help the staff understand the value proposition to the agency first and then that of the producer.   It also takes an ongoing effort to support the platform from a promotional and service standpoint.  It’s important to remember that just because your producer uses the platform once doesn’t mean that they will keep coming back every time.  It’s a day in and day out process that will become second nature after a while.

Here are a few ideas that can help your agency better embrace supporting your eApp platform (or any other piece of technology you want your producers to use):

  • Schedule time in your next monthly staff meeting to discuss the benefits of an eApp has for your agency and to your producers.   In your subsequent meetings discuss increases in usage, promotional ideas, and top submitting producers
  • Get positive quotes from your producers using the tool and stick them on your website and other promotional materials
  • Promote, promote promote.  Again, this isn’t an overnight process.  Your producers in the field need to be constantly reminded of the benefits, how to use the platform better, success stories, etc.
  • Build a small plan around how to get producers engaged into the process better.  Think of it as your own little business plan.  The more they use the platforms the more it becomes engrained into their everyday lives.

Just like my garage door, your broken eAPP process can be fixed.  If not, you can always replace it with a newer model.  There are several vendors out there that can meet your needs, but you will need to ensure you do your part to gain true success.  Look for a solid vendor partner like Aplifi that gives you a great quality product with awesome service.  Aplifi also helps you with the plan and provides you with a turn key marketing program.  Give us a call at 800.861.8908 x 221 for more details.  By the way…. our eApps are also free to brokerage agencies and their producers.


About Aplifi:

Aplifi (, based in Pompano Beach, Florida, is a leading technology provider that focuses on the life insurance and financial services markets. Aplifi offers solutions that facilitate more insurance transactions that are compliant and “In Good Order,” driving increased business.   Its suite of flexible and easy to use platforms include AFFIRM for Life, AFFIRM for Annuity, InsureSocket CRM, I-Relay CRM, and PolicyBox (electronic policy delivery). “We Simplify Selling Insurance!”


Written by Roy Goodart – Senior Vice President Marketing

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